5 Easy Ways To Be More Active At Work

Most jobs require people to sit down behind a dest and work. This may be quite boring as there is monotony in the day to day activities. People may end up becoming bored and leads to low work productivity. Continuous monotony in work as people are not active is not something every organization wishes for its staff. It is hence the duty of each employee to stay active at work.

The organization is also entitled to provide a conducive work environment that its employees will be able t work at with no excuse of not being able to produce as much as required. Employees are the face of an organization and hence them being active means that there will be a high and quality work flow of activities.

This Site gives you 5 ways to more active more active at work and here they are:

1. Cycle or walk to work

As you are in for a 8 hours day of work, you need to be as productive as possible. If your location is not quite far from work consider walking or cycling to work. Leave your car behind some few days as you will also be saving on gas expenses. The walking and cycling aspect will get you engaging every muscle in your body as this is an active activity.You will be getting your body warmed up for work and reducing the risk of getting into work on a worked up body.


If you are overweight you may find that this will actually help as you will be burning the extra fat in you. It will help you get healthy eventually and feel good about yourself. The result of it is that your self-esteem is boosted and you will be quite confident about working with minimal supervision.

2. Stand up and work actively

As you are behind the desk, you may find it convenient to stand and walk around actively. This is not to mean that you roam about in the office or just stand for the sake of it.

Instead you should have high top tables the office to engage with your colleagues on issues concerning work.

When you need to communicate an issue or ask about something instead of emailing or taking the office phone and calling once in a while make a point of walking to the person and ask about it. The human touch of communication and walking to them will help you stay active.

3. Take an active lunch break

You may have been worn out from the morning hours of work and you need some lunch.instead of just sitting down and having your lunch behind the desk,have an active lunch.you can go outdoors on a refreshing environment and have your lunch there. Take your music with you if it cures your soul or call your friend or lover over lunch and smile at it. This will help your soul and as you go back to work you will be at peace and be able to qualitatively work.

4. Dress comfortably


The worst mistake you can do is get to work with clothes that will limit how active you can be. Do not wear your weekend clothes to work as you will certainly not be at ease. Just dress accordingly and by according it means that you should wear according to the job that you are entitled. Dress in such a way that you will be able to work quite comfortably. Always ensure also that you check on the weather so that what you will wear will match it.

5. Stretch

As you are at work and maybe feel sleepy or bored you can always stretch a bit.this will help you stay alert as you are engaging your muscles. As you do it make sure that you do not distract the others working. It will also reduce back and neck pains due to long hours of sitting and working.