How To Achive Youreasy Ways To Improve Your Productivity

You only have so many hours every day. And yet, there seem to be people who are more productive than you even though they don’t have longer days or nights. You needn’t beat yourself anymore on how to become a more productive person.

Whether it is your place of work or at home, you need to be more productive if only to make you feel better about yourself. Gone are the days when spending a lot of time doing a single task or multitasking was admired. find out more here on the best tips to improve your productivity in any environment.

Things to do to improve your productivity

1. Plan the day the night before – Every night before you hit the sack, plan on the tasks that you want to achieve the following day. You will have a head start as you will not waste time in the morning trying to figure out what to do. But you shouldn’t plan for the whole day. Just prepare for two or three tasks.


2. Stop multitasking – Contrary to some believes, the human brain was never designed to multitask. Researchers have established that multitasking can reduce your productivity by as much as 40%. Multitasking makes you tired and, in many instances, unable to finish tasks.

3. Eat or swallow the frog in the morning – Start your day by doing those tasks that are boring are toughest. Once you are done with the job, you will have an easier time for the rest of the day. This trick also helps you avoid procrastinating.

4. Short breaks are essential – Short breaks of about 2 minutes can be very healthy and energizing. These short breaks help improve concentration, memory, and even your creative ability.

5. Reduce the distraction – Today, almost every other person in the workforce is in one form of social media or another. It is estimated that an average America spends a quarter of their day browsing Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms.



Different people face different challenges when it comes to dealing with their unproductivity at work. The best thing to do is first establish whether your productivity is prime or lackluster. You will then have an easy time picking the best tips on how to improve yourself.