How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

To be a leader, one has to display a certain level of tact, capability, patience, desire to move forward, ambition, vision, and motivation. On so many levels we are all leaders in our respective fields whether we realize it or not. Having a senior post at an office or anywhere else does not necessarily make one a leader but rather leaders rise up on merit. Leadership qualities and skills can play a crucial role in career development. Leadership roles that one has been on make for promotion at the place of work or their professional life.

It takes practice to be a good leader thus leadership development is crucial to growth. Practice makes perfect.There is no certainty about the best leadership speaker but there have been several iconic speakers among them notable key figures like Obama, Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi among others. Few are born natural leaders and it takes time, sometimes years of adopting quality leadership skills and improving on them. There are several tips on how one can improve on their leadership skills ;


In order to execute or pursue immediate short-term or even long-time goals discipline and most importantly self-discipline is very important. For example, if one is a contractor with a project to present to a panel, they need to observe strict discipline. To learn the project in and out so as to effectively answer any question thrown at them. Without this self-discipline, it would be a total failure.

Critical Thinking

High profile jobs require a critically thinking mind. The ability to foresee future setbacks and act on them before they happen is quality of a good leader. Similarly, during brainstorming sessions in cases of a crisis, one needs to display equanimity and critical thinking to effectively solve the situation. Teaching oneself to meditate on matters critically is will go along way in leadership development.

Taking Initiative

One of the perfect ways to hone one’s leadership skills is going the extra mile. At work, for example, employers assign work to employees that they are adept at. It is always advisable to go beyond and portray the initiative and willingness to do the extra work.

Know Your Strength and Gifts

Being self -conscious of one’s innate strengths and abilities and knowing how to utilize them can go a along into molding a one into a good leader.

Setting Definitive Goals

Having definitive goals and developing concrete action plans is a good thing. One needs to set realistic goals with appropriate timelines. Formulating action plans that you can commit to builds confidence in your work ethics and is necessary for developing leadership skills.

Improve on Communication

Being able to clearly communicate ones’ thoughts, ideas, goals, and vision is one very important aspect I, good leaders. Being able to channel one’s ideas effectively to an audience by word of mouth or unspoken speech shows good communication skills . This goes both ways and one must be ready to listen and accommodate other peoples’ ideas consciously. Great communicators exhibit exemplary verbal, non-verbal and listening skills making for a great leader.