How to Plan a Charity Walk or Run

Charity events are and will continue being famous, but many organizations are adopting events which are more interactive for example runs and walks to recruit people who will help them raise funds. While a charity run or walk stands out as the best way to publicize your course, it is also a very healthy method to motivate your participants to fund the event.

To have a successful charity walk or run, you need to have a good plan for the whole event right from the beginning to the end. Below are some tips to guide you when planning a charity walk.

Choose the route to follow

Whenever you think of conducting a charity run or walk, you must first identify the path your participants will follow. The route choice acts a central role in making other decisions concerning staff size, transportation, security, signage, volunteers and finally your participants’ satisfaction.


When identifying the route, you not only need to do so using a map but also to make an initiative to survey the road paying serious attention to traffic, elevation gain, road conditions, and other factors that would make the exercise strenuous for people who have less physical ability.


The safety of your participants must be guaranteed. The level of traffic in that route, the number of pedestrians, any need to cross busy streets, the road under construction, and the inclusivity of the participants are among the significant factors that will help you determine the safety of your participants.

Legalities involved in a charity run or walk

There is some legality that you must consider when rolling out a plan for the diary dash walk. Consider whether there are permits you must get from relevant authorities for you to use a specific route. Check whether there is a need to talk to the local council or various people who could be associated with the land you are passing through.


It is also essential to ensure that there are no other parties that have a plan underway to use the same route as you on the same day at the same time. Obtain insurance that covers medical problems occurring during that day or damages that could happen to the land, environment or the surrounding property.

Finding participants

Finding participants involves marketing. You need to spread the information to as many people as possible. You can use platforms such as emails, radio, newspaper advertisements, tv shows and signposts to inform people.

Since this platforms are quite expensive, if you have financial challenges you can consider using the internet to spread the information through face book, twitter and other social media platform. You can also do email advertisements or even build your website.

Fundraising tools

To raise a substantial amount of money, you need to have an online platform for raising funds that could be integrated with the registration form. Through this, you will get donors from all over the world and other people who may not be able to turn up for the event.

The takeaway

In conclusion, the success of the event will be determined by your consistency in reminding people about the charity walk or run. Doing so makes your participants eager for the day and hence turns out in large numbers.