How to Start Your Photography Business

It Is always the goal of any photographer to grow the passion into a money making idea. Photography is one industry that if driven by passion, it can be so productive a keep the cash flowing in. After you are confident that you are ready to start your own photography business, it might be quite confusing without a guide. Below are steps to start your own photography business:

1. Decide on your line of photography.

Before doing anything else, you must be sure about the line of photography you want. It must be a type of photography you have passion in and view as a money making idea. Some of the most common types of photography you can choose from are;


Fashion photography, wildlife photography, aerial photography, event photography, sports/action photography, Landscape photography, etc. You can pick one that has no experts in your area to reduce competition.

2. Come up with a business plan.

Every business must have a business plan. A business plan for your photography business should entail the details of your business; the name, the services you will offer, how you will tackle competition from other players, financial projection and the strategies you will apply to market your business.

You should also come up with a pricing structure. A pricing structure is to help you reach your annual target. For example in event photography, you may target $60,000 each year, to attain this, you have to come up with a price per event to reach this annual goal.

3. Choose your business structure.

The business structure may either be sole proprietor or partnership. If you are financially ready to take the risk, a sole proprietor is the best for you. If you do not have the financial strength and have a willing partner, you can go for a partnership. You should also remember to create a Limited Liability Company to offer protection to your assets should you run into any legal issues.

4. Obtain Business Licenses.

It is always good to stay on the right side of the law. Every state has its policies on businesses. You must obtain the necessary business permit for your new photography business. Make sure you also register your business with the tax office in your state. This is to make sure you collect the sales tax for your photography business.


5. Gather the required supplies and equipment.

Before planning to start a photography business, you must have had in possession several types of equipment to use in the new company. If it is in your budget, purchase new digital cameras, lenses, flashes, photo editing software,rechargeable batteries,tripods, quality photo paper, etc. You can also check sleeklens presets review to obtain the best presets for Lightroom and Photoshop.

6. Hire staff.

For a starting business, you don’t have to hire so many people; you need someone at the from office to help in handling customers and general office functions. You can advertise for the job opening and interview the qualified person. People with a passion for photography are the best.

After all, this is done, you have to market your business through ads, banners, posters, on social media, etc. When you get a client, serve them to your level best, this way you will draw more clients to your business as time goes by.