Is It Safe To Drive In Asia

There is no doubt that you are here looking for safety precautions while driving in Asia. Consequently, you might be planning for your next vacation in Asia. Either way, you are in the right destination. We shall leave you enlightened about driving in Asia, and what you need to know.

Typically, it can be a daunting task to drive in Asia especially for western world people. Maneuvering in big cities is not a breeze.

There are many vehicles in big cities that clogged on the road with motorbikes. Additionally, livestock roams around the streets. Therefore, you have to be very careful while on the road

Using Asian Roads

In a nutshell, traffic rules in Asia are different and hair rising. Although there are many challenges, driving in will greatly increase your flexibility. On the other hand, many advantages come with driving in Asia.


Nonetheless, you will be required to be confident on the road and squeeze for your space. However, if you cannot drive in Asia, there are many transportation options. Considering to read the full info here might be a great idea. You will also save yourself form brushing shoulders with traffic police.

Driving Requirements

The legal age allowed to drive in Asia is 18 years old. After successful completion of the driving classes, the government issues the license.

You will be required to produce the license when police demand. It is for this reason that most car rentals will ask for a license.

Traffic Rules in Asia

Below are some of the rules applicable in Asia;


1. Fees and Fines; Violation of traffic rules whether legitimate or not, must be paid to the police immediately.

2. Traffic flow; Be patient in the traffic, and keep the distance from the car ahead. If you are not prepared a motorist might come and grasp the spac

3. Signals Lights; Although this is greatly ignored in most countries, never assume crossing intersection is safe because of green light. You might come across the timer traffic lights. Wait until the last second.