What Are Some Examples Of Biological Hazards

These can be defined as organic substances That pose a big health risk to humans and other living organisms; they include the virus, toxins, fungi’s, macro-organisms, and another bio active substance. The biological hazards are also considered as biological transmitters or vectors of disease.

According to research, it is documented that around 320000 works die yearly for these communicable diseases caused by worker related exposure and biological hazards.

These hazards pose a lot of risks to many workers in many ways like those workers in the health care sector are exposed to biological hazards via the contact with the patients like saliva, urine, blood, etc. because these have a higher risks of containing all the viral and bacterial diseases as a work always take appropriate measures to avoids these hazards and also during biohazard cleanup make sure you take ultimate care through food handling.

Here are some of the Biological hazards


Aids-This is a virus disease that mainly destroys the immune system in our body, and making is vulnerable to other opportunist diseases, which will cause dearth since no proven cure for HIV and Aids.


This is a disease caused by a bacterial called the Bacillus

This affects the lungs by producing spores, and it can mostly affect the skin, throat, mouth, and other parts of our digestive system. The disease is caused by eating contaminated food or uncooked meat.


This infection that mostly affects the liver and the disease can be categorized as hepatitis A, B, C, D, E.it. It is mainly caused by a specific virus and can transmit from one person to another through body fluid. There is proven vaccination for hepatitis A and B only and not the other categories of this disease.


Synthetic bio 1 - microbilogist at work

Many people confuse influenza with the common cold, which is less serious the flu is a virus that affects mainly the respiratory system. This disease mainly affects people with poor immune in their body and the elderly, and some severe cases cause death. The is immunization for influenza.