What Makes A Fashion Brand Sustainable

Fashion brand is nowadays very hard to tell if it’s sustainable. You’ll realize that even a trouser that is handmade from recycled grass by people who have been paid loses its credibility if the forest was cleared so that the grass could be grown.

You have to read this if you have to tell if the fashion brand is sustainable:

• Check the material

Sustainable fashion brands should be made from renewable or recyclable materials such as silk, linen, or even hemp. You’ll even find that bamboo for clothing has become very popular nowadays. You should then use natural dyes to color these clothing. This is so that to make sure that they don’t pollute the environment when these dyes get into the rivers.

• Visit the right websites


You’ll find that there are those websites that use certain criteria to determine if the brand is sustainable. Fashion Transparency Index is one of them that has ranked some companies high due to their steps towards offering sustainable brands to their customers. They include Gucci, Adidas, as well as Zara just to name a few.

• Examine CSR policies of a company

You can also learn if a brand is sustainable if you look at its Corporate Social Responsibility policies of a company. This is a practice that is adhered to by most big fashion labels. For, the example you’ll find that some companies will say that they’re buying some tracts of a certain forest so that to preserve it from being destroyed by people through cutting down on trees.

Another good example is to come up with natural dyes that do not pollute our rivers leading to the death of aquatic life which includes things like fish, frogs, as well as dolphins.

• Recycle leather


A sustainable brand can be made from recycled leather that is obtained from old car seats as well as coats that are no longer used. If that leather used to make that fashion brand is from cattle, it’s then unsustainable. This is due to the process of killing these animals, skinning them, as well as tanning and dyeing the leather requires a lot of energy and resources which is not sustainable.

• Consider anything that is made in a far place

It’s wrong for a luxury label to move in a place like China where the cost of labor is quite low and make their brands thereafter which they come back and sell their products here in the United States very expensive. This unsustainable as the person who has made the product is paid peanuts.